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3 Ways To Style Your Wood Burning Stove

A wood burning stoves provides an aesthetic focal point, alongside delivering an instant source of heat with its warm and comforting glow. With the colder weather well and truly here, many of us will spend more time inside, therefore now is the perfect time to re-think your interior décor.

In order to inspire you this winter, we’ve teamed up with stove experts, Arada to look at 3 ways to style your wood burning stove.


  1. Keep it Traditional


The traditional frontage of a wood burning stove is often seen as something to showcase, with many homeowners utilising large open fireplaces complete with grand mantelpieces – in order to frame the stove and ground the room.

Style your stove with fire tools and other complementary accessories to complete the overall look; with fresh logs and exposed brick to capture the classic, rustic feel.

We would recommend opting for a freestanding model, not only are they suitable for a wide range of installation sites, but the versatile stove is available in a range of designs.



  1. Contemporary Chic


For more contemporary design schemes, why not experiment with colour to make your stove pop – try positioning your stove against a bold wall covering or paint colour to create contrast and add interest to the space.

In addition to freestanding models, this can also work with cassette or recessed designs that require wall installation.

Another way to modernise your stove design is to use complementary accessories. Candles, blankets and decorative prints will soften the space, making it feel more compact and cosy – whilst adding your own individual style and personality to the space.

At Arada we have an array of stoves on offer, with both classic and modern styles available.



  1. Bring the Outside In


Bring the outside in and style your stove with plants and foliage. By introducing nature into your design scheme you can create a light and fresh aesthetic with lush greens and earthy tones – however, do make sure to keep plants a suitable distance away from the stove in order to reduce the chance of wilting.

For this type of styling we would recommend a freestanding model, you can then position your stove alongside plants of varying height to create texture and depth.



We hope this blog post has inspired you to style your wood burning stove this winter!