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Esse Range Cookers

Esse 13AMP

It has ESSE’s classic cast iron construction, heavy duty ovens, beautiful enamelling and the reassuring ‘solidity’ of our classic range cookers… all with modern, electric controllability and responsiveness. The EL 13Amp is one of our most innovative, eco-friendly cookers and benefits from ‘power share’ technology. Usually, the ovens and hotplate of an electric cooker are […]

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Esse Plus 2

The ESSE Plus 2 does exactly what its name suggests – it can add two extra ovens to another ESSE range cooker. What it actually offers, however, is much more than just two ovens. It gives you the flexibility of combining different fuel types or choosing between them to suit your mood. Teaming the electric […]

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Esse Plus 1

If you have ever contemplated a wood-burning cooker for your home, but worried you might not want to commit to using it all the time or if you’ve always wanted a cast iron range cooker, but didn’t think you had the space – the ESSE Plus 1 is the ideal solution. The Plus 1 can […]

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Esse 905 WN

The 905 WN is a wood cooker designed for today’s kitchen: clean burning and easy to use. In simple terms, you could load the firebox in the morning and just place some extra fuel on before cooking dinner. Another load before you go to bed would keep it burning until morning, giving the potential to […]

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Esse Ironheart

Unlike ESSE’s enamelled cookers, which are designed to contain heat within the body of the cooker, the Ironheart has convection panels in the side to radiate warmth like a wood-burning stove. The large firebox can burn wood or smokeless solid fuel and heats the room as well as the oven and hotplate. The Ironheart’s hypnotising […]

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Esse 990 WN

The 990, like all ESSE cookers, combines modern technology with classic ESSE quality and flies the flag for technological and environmental developments. With three large capacity ovens (which can all maintain different temperatures for ease of use) the 990 offers a huge 112 litre cooking volume. It draws on classic ESSE styling from the 1930s, […]

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