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Everhot Range Cookers


We are pleased to invite you to our Everhot Cookery Demonstration

with Judy Walker on Saturday 28th May 2022 at 11am

This event is perfect for existing owners

Our Everhot chef Judy will take you through all aspects of the cooker and demonstrate how flexible and controllable a modern heat storage range cooker can be.
There will be some delicious recipes to sample too!

Behind the classic good looks of an Everhot Cooker you’ll find a modern, energy efficient heat storage range cooker which is absolutely perfect for great cooking whilst gently warming your kitchen. Versatile and welcoming, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

An Everhot is the most energy efficient range cooker on the market, handmade in our carbon negative factory in the Cotswolds. Everhot cookers are available in six sizes to fit any kitchen design, and 20 stunning colours to perfectly complement your interior style. From bold, striking brights to charming, heritage tones.

Customise your Everhot by size, colour and finish to add the perfect focal point to your kitchen. At Everhot cookers, they combine British craftsmanship with energy-efficient engineering based on decades of heritage and innovation.

The first Everhot was invented over 40 years ago at our 13th century Coaley Mill in Gloucestershire, where we are still based to this day. Our range cookers provide year-round, controllable warmth and comfort, and the perfect conditions in which to cook effortlessly using our radiant heat ovens .

An Everhot seamlessly combines 21st century technology with all the traditional features you’d expect from a heat storage cooker. The controllability, grill and the option to have a built in induction hob ensure that an Everhot will be the only cooker you need in your kitchen. A cozy, gently warming centrepiece that’s become the cook’s choice.

Everhot Grill

With more focus than ever on meeting friends and family outside, the Everhot Grill takes our passion for cooking and great food outdoors. Based on an Argentinian ‘asado’ grill, the Everhot Grill is cooking in its purest form – fire, a grill and meat.  Cooking over a wood fire adds deep layers of flavour to […]

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Everhot Electric Stove

The Everhot electric stove integrates the Everhot heat storage expertise into an elegant and efficient stove featuring our unique single oven design and cast iron door. Unlike a traditional wood burning or solid fuel stove the Everhot electric stove does not require a flue and simply plugs into a standard 13amp socket. Easy installation and […]

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Everhot 100 Series Cooker

There’s much to love about the beautifully engineered and elegant Everhot 100 Series cooker. You have two options to choose from: the Everhot 100+ or Everhot 100i. The attractive and balanced four cast iron door configuration conceals one oven for roasting, another for baking/casseroles and the third is a useful plate warming oven. The fourth […]

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Everhot 150 Series Cooker

  The Everhot 150 Series cookers have the sheer presence and classic lines to complement even the grandest of kitchens. These appliances are quite simply a brilliant and versatile extension to the Everhot 120 Series. There are two options to choose from: the Everhot 150+ or Everhot 150i. Whether entertaining with friends or cooking large […]

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Everhot 120 Series Cooker

The Everhot 120 Series Cooker provides an exceptional choice of cooking options and is perfect for family cooking and larger kitchen spaces. There are two options to choose from: the Everhot 120+ or Everhot 120i. This classic thoroughbred performs superbly, providing both versatile cooking capacity and kitchen warmth. Beautifully elegant and balanced, this appliance has […]

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Everhot 110 Series Cooker

The Everhot 110 Series cooker provides greater oven space compared to the Everhot 100 and is specifically designed to fit into a 110cm space. There are two options to choose from: the Everhot 110+ or Everhot 110i. Behind the beautiful cast iron doors you’ll find capacious ovens for roasting, baking and slow cooking, and the […]

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Everhot 90 Series Cooker

The Everhot 90 Series cooker is beautifully designed and elegantly proportioned for the modern kitchen. With two good sized ovens (roasting and slow cooking) and cast iron hot and simmer plates, the 90 series is a perfect choice for families of all sizes. You have two options to choose from: the Everhot 90+ or Everhot […]

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Everhot 60 Series Cooker

The Everhot 60 Series cooker was the first model and was an immediate success when it was launched 40 years ago. The Everhot 60 has an enduring and broad appeal which is especially popular for homes where space is at a premium. Being so compact you might expect some compromise, but nothing could be further […]

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