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Esse Ironheart Eco Wood Cooker

The Ironheart EcoDesign Wood burning Cooker

Updated in line with the new EcoDesign requirements ESSE Ironheart Eco Wood Cooker is now EcoDesign Ready. 

Originally launched in 2004 to celebrate 150 years of ESSE Ironheart it is a stove and a range cooker in one, combining the best of Esse’s two main product ranges.

Enjoy watching the flames leap and flicker through the large clear glass window while it heats and cooks. 

The Esse Ironheart Eco Wood Cooker has convection panels that radiate warmth like a wood-burning stove. The oven has an almost 50 litre capacity, and you can also cook directly in the firebox. With the “dog bone” hotplate comfortably able to take up to six pans, the Ironheart is equipped to bring out the very best in creative cooks – so no wonder it’s become a firm favourite at Park Farm, River Cottage HQ

  • 47 Litre Oven
  • Hotplate up to 6 pans
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Heat output to room up to 7.6kw
  • Optional hostess shelf


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