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Everhot 90i

The EVERHOT 90i has an integral two zone induction hob, neatly fitted under the right hand lid.

The induction hob offers you a fantastic solution for those summer days when you simply don’t want heat in the kitchen and induction is unrivalled in terms of control, speed and efficiency.

These amazing devices work by producing heat in the saucepan itself (rather than the glass plate) and are the most efficient way of bringing something to the boil. The heat is transferred directly to the pan meaning hardly any energy is wasted. For every pound spent on energy, over 90p goes directly to the pan, compared to 60p with other heat sources. These state-of-the-art hobs match all our requirements for both reliability and performance, indeed they are found in many top-class restaurants around the world – in a domestic environment, they should last a lifetime.

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