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Everhot Grill

With more focus than ever on meeting friends and family outside, the Everhot Grill takes our passion for cooking and great food outdoors. Based on an Argentinian ‘asado’ grill, the Everhot Grill is cooking in its purest form – fire, a grill and meat. 

Cooking over a wood fire adds deep layers of flavour to your meat and the large height adjustable cooking grill makes cooking over wood or charcoal simple and intuitive.

The Everhot Grill can be used freestanding or built in as the focal point of an outdoor kitchen.

Due to the high levels of insulation the grill can be used freestanding or can be built in as part of an outdoor kitchen. The firebox base is lined with oven grade fire brick and unlike many other grills of this type, the sides of the firebox are also insulated minimising heat loss and directing heat upwards to the cooking grill.

The full-width firebox door allows easy access to adjust the embers to control both heat and flavour. Better still when it is time to clean the firebox the door simply lifts off for easy access.

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