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Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7

The Aarrow Ecoburn Plus range of stoves are visually astounding, with an even more extensive viewing glass than seen on the original Ecoburn range of stoves. Offering more choice over the type of fuel burnt through the Flexifuel System the Ecoburn Plus stoves provide high efficiencies along with all the features that have become synonymous with Aarrow stoves.

The new Flexifuel system takes away the need to choose between a wood burning stove, solid fuel stove or multi fuel stove, allowing you to use the fuel of your choice. Unlike traditional grates the Flexigrate’s design reduces the gaps between grate bars. Standard gaps cause heat loss by allowing hot embers to escape, un-burnt into the ash pan. The crucible shape of the Flexigrate ensures that fuel is constantly fed towards the centre of the fire therefore there is no un-burnt fuel. The Flexigrate’s unique dimpled and grooved finish on the grate bars fill with a layer of ash, thus protecting them from hot embers and extending their life. The Flexigrate’s unique crucible shape helps to build up a natural layer of ash. This builds a better base for the fire to burn on and optimises combustion efficiency. Flexigrate bars are specifically designed so that they can be replaced individually if damaged, rather than having to replace the whole grate. When burning wood, the Flexigrate’s bars are shaped to match the contours of a deep wood burning tray, which allows you to load more wood. When burning solid fuel, the Flexigrate design allows enough air to pass through the grate bars to produce the maximum heat and combustion efficiency. At the same time, when the grate is riddled, ash is allowed to fall into the ash pan below to maintain operating performance.

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