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Stovax Stockton 8 Slimline

The Stockton 8 Slimline is 3″ (75mm) less in depth than the standard model and, in many cases, means building work will not be required to deeped a fireplace opening. Although shallower, it will still take logs up to 18″ (460mm) long. Produced as a woodburning stove, it can be easily adapted to multi-fuel use with the optional static grate. The Stockton 8 Slimline incorporates the very latest cleanburn technology. Burning wood or solid fuel with outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney. It works by using three separate airflows: primary air to burn solid fuel in the conventional way, plus airwash air to keep the window clean and pre-heated secondary or cleanburn air to burn excess hydrocarbons in the smoke.

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