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Stratford Ecoboiler 9HE

The Ecoboiler 9 HE boiler stove provides not just superior performance, but with the large curved fire door glass and soft curved lines, it offers an attractive focal point for your living area. Regardless of whether you burn wood or solid fuel, the Stratford EB9 boiler stove has the technology to keep your home and water up to temperature.

When installed with a thermal store, the Stratford Ecoboiler 9 HE boiler stove can be combined with any other source of heating, from traditional gas and oil systems to the ‘greener’ ground source pumps and solar panels. This combination is today’s perfect partner for complete home heating with the Stratford EB9 HE boiler stove having the ability to heat up a large amount of water quickly, and the thermal store able to store and use this heat effectively around the home.

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