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ESSE Stoves

ESSE stoves produce traditional cast iron stoves with a proud British heritage. Clean lines with traditional styling mean an ESSE stove will be at home in any setting. The ESSE range also includes the unique ‘Ironheart’ wood cooking stove, with oven and hotplate as well as a great view of the fire.

ESSE Bakeheart

The Bakeheart is an elegantly proportioned wood-fired cooking stove that provides room-filling radiant heat, a graduated temperature cooking hob and a generous baking oven. While its rugged cast-iron design and simple styling may give the impression that the Bakeheart has been around for decades, this state-of-the-art piece of quality British engineering encapsulates everything we’ve learned […]

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ESSE 175

Available in two models, ESSE 175 F with classic feet or ESSE 175 B with stylish solid base, the ESSE 175’s clean contemporary design is in keeping with a range of interior design styles – from rustic rural cottages with inglenooks to minimalist free-standing installations. ESSE 175 offers controllable clean burning design with energy-efficient. Through Particulate ReburnTM Technology […]

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Esse Vector Electric Stove

Esse Vector

ESSE’s all-new Vector electric stove is a striking addition to the range and looks destined to become a modern classic. Designed specifically to slot into busy 21st Century lifestyles, this iconic electric heater has been developed for a sophisticated customer looking for style, functionality, performance and flexibility. Finished in a stylish graphite finish, Vector’s bold […]

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Esse 301MF Inset

ESSE 300 series inset convector stoves provide a unique solution to convert an inefficient open fire into an economical multi-fuel stove, improving the efficiency of an open fire by up to 400%. Convector stoves were pioneered by ESSE back in the 1920’s and they have big advantages. The firebox sits inside a second outer casing […]

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Esse 200 XK

The result is outstanding control, dancing flames, a crystal clear view of the fire and highly efficient combustion of the fuel. The 200 will happily burn most solid fuels but it will reward you with wonderful flame patterns when burning properly seasoned wood.

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Esse 500 Vista

500 Vista is the quintessential ESSE with our signature door arch styling and technologically-advanced performance. Wide, clean glass offers an unrivalled fire view while an efficient fire box with tertiary air ensures great fuel economy. A high quality steel body gives Vista endurance and attractive cast iron detail on the top, door and feet complete […]

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Esse 100DD

Engineered from cast iron and high grade steel and featuring Afterburn™ our precision secondary air control system, the 100 double door offers the country look with modern stove performance. 100 DD boasts a 5KW output with a wide view, slim profile and it has been independently certified for use with a 12mm non-combustible hearth.

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Esse Ironheart

The wood burning cooking stove, or Ironheart as it has become known, was launched in 2004 to mark our 150th anniversary year and is a good demonstration of modern stove engineering. The deep firebox can take 0.5m logs and the secondary air controls provide exceptional control for cooking, whilst providing a spectacular view of the […]

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Esse 525/525 SE

The Esse 525 stove has a contemporary design with tubular legs running the full height of the body and unique ‘invisible’ door hinges. The technology is tried and tested as the firebox has evolved from Esse’s highly successful and proven 500 stove. The design is pure, simple and elegant. Providing a spectacular and uncluttered view […]

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Esse 350

The Esse 350 is an inset convection stove that offers a unique combination of performance, style, efficiency and ease of installation. The Esse 350 inset stove will fit into a standard fireplace with the fire back removed.

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Esse 100 SE

The new Esse 100 SE stove has all the performance and benefits of the original Esse 100 but with the added advantage of being approved to burn wood in Smoke Control areas. Making this an ideal wood burner for urban households.

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Esse 125

The Esse 125 stove is a contemporary stove with one plain glass door which gives a good view of the fire. This wood burning model is available in black only and has a 125mm flue outlet. It is made of a mix of cast iron and steel and has been fabricated in the UK.

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