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Heta Stoves

All Heta stoves are designed and manufactured in Lemvig, Denmark. HETA and are some of the most clean-burning stoves in Europe.

The popular Inspire series is a range of rugged multi-fuel stoves made from the best quality steel, with a solid cast iron door. Inspire stoves produce 2-6.3kW of heat making them ideal for a wide range of applications from log cabins, country cottages, town houses to larger modern homes.

The simple single control makes them very easy to operate and combustion performance is excellent from as low as 2.5kW. The cast iron doors for the Inspire series are available with a traditional black painted surface, but you can add extra style to your stove by choosing one of Heta’s nine modern enamel colours.
The Heta Scan-Line range features a variety of wood burning stoves which can be chosen and customised to be the best fit to your home. Including stoves with soapstone, sandstone and ceramic cladding options in 42 different colours which can be freely combined.

HETA Scanline 8 Steel

Scan-Line 8 generates attention in every home. Completely round, Scan-Line 8 works well in any room in any house. Available in different materials and designs, with several smart functions and not least the cleanest tested combustion to date, resulting in record-low particle emissions of 0.63 grams per kilogram of burnt wood. Scan-Line 8 is the […]

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HETA Ambition 5

A contemporary freestanding stove, offering unparalleled levels of performance Benefiting from a contemporary, yet timeless design,HETA’s Ambition 5 features a larger glass area, to provide you with an uninterrupted view of the mesmerising flame picture. As you’d expect from a HETA stove, the Ambition 5 is remarkably efficient and features HETA’s ‘Clean Burn’ technology. Combustion […]

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Heta Scanline 500

Minimalist Danish design. Superb woodburning or multifuel performance from this robustly engineered contemporary stove. The SL500 from Heta has been designed to meet the highest standards of performance, with the skamolex lined firechamber providing the perfect environment for clean burning of wood with efficiencies upto 83%. The SL500 has been tested and approved to the […]

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Heta Vision 2

The Heta vision is a particularly efficient and environment-friendly stove and includes the automatic “window rinsing” function, in which a stream of air prevents soot forming on the interior of the window. An aesthetic pleasure, even when the fire is not lit. However, when the fire is burning brightly, there are few sights as fascinating […]

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Heta Vision 1

Heta Vision is a different kind of stove. It does not look like anything you have seen before. And yet, it calls to mind the very best examples of modern Danish design. It has been created by Jacob Jensen Design ­ the company that is famous throughout the world for its designs of music systems, […]

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Heta Scanline 7B

The Heta Scanline 7’s represent the very best in modern woodburning technology with its lovely controllable flame and wonderful convection and radiant heat. With a nominal output of 4.5kW, fresh air connection for use in passive homes, beautiful cast iron door and top plate and Skamol lined firechamber offering efficiencies above 80% and low CO […]

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Heta Panorama Inset

The Heta Panorama Inset 6.5kW Woodburning is a stunning stove designed to be simple to use with a one handle air control lever and a discreet integrated handle. External fresh air supply means that this stove can be installed successfully into an air tight passive house to really benefit from what this stove can offer. […]

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Heta Classic Insert

The Classic Insert Woodburning stove represents the latest in combustion technology. With its clean lines and wide view of the fire burning brightly in the fire chamber you will not fail to be enchanted by the flames dancing merrily away behind the large glass window. Offering a nominal heat output of 6KW and an impressive […]

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Heta Scanline 550 Inset

The Heta Scanline 550 Insert stove offers a nominal 5 KW of convection and radiant heat. Styled around the free standing 500 series this insert stove offers unrivaled performance with its class leading 81% efficiency and CO of only 0.09%. The 550 has a simple minimalist look. It is designed to be both narrow and […]

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Heta Inspire 45

The Heta Inspire 45 is a brand new clean burn stove designed with a nominal output of 4.9kW and can be used for wood burning or multifuel use. The Inspire 45 is a landscape model and is fitted with a cast iron door with a large view of the fire, separate ashpan compartment, riddling grate, […]

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Heta Inspire 40

The Heta Inspire stoves are brand new clean burn stoves designed in the UK and produced by Heta and can be used for either wood burning or multifuel use. The Inspires are fitted with a cast iron door giving a large view of the fire and feature a riddling grate, vermiculite lined fire chamber, tertiary […]

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Heta Scanline 6

Minimalist Danish design. Superb wood burning performance from this robustly engineered stove. This stove will burn wood, brown coal briquette (lignite) and manufactured biofuels. The fire chamber is lined with high performance skamolex fire board to improve the combustion performance and improve efficiency up to 84%. Unique designed convector body giving lovely convection and radiated […]

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