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Mendip Stoves

Mendip Stoves have been designing and producing wood burning and multi-fuel stoves of the highest quality since 2004.

With the best combustion techniques, classy appearances and build quality, Mendip ensure that your stove will be a welcome addition to your home or business for many years to come.

The highly acclaimed, award winning Woodland stove offers a remarkable visual experience whilst allowing the stove to be placed closer to timber walls, due to exceptional insulating properties.

Mendip Stoves are continually striving to improve their stoves. All of their  5kW stoves are now SIA Ecodesign Ready, which emit less particulates, making them some of the cleanest and most efficient stoves on the market.

Mendip double sided wood and multi-fuel stoves are the ultimate heat solution with two large windows that can be viewed from both sides. A perfect room divider, the double sided designs are available in two models as well as a log store versions of each.

Mendip Woodland Stove

The Woodland is designed for burning wood efficiently and cleanly. With an easy to use air control adjustment system the Woodland stove allows for optimum combustion and control. The tertiary air also aids post combustion of the flue gases; so ultimately, your stove will burn cleanly, creating as much energy from your fuel as possible. Now fully […]

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Mendip Churchill 10 Convection

The Churchill 10 Wood Convection is an ideal addtion to any home with its modern aesthetics and technology. The air cooled handle and high efficency ratings are just a few of the many features this stove has to offer.

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Mendip Churchill 8 SE Convection

Convection stoves heat area faster than standard stoves and the Churchill 8 is no different. The added side panels add a beautiful curved contemporary look to this stove; this accompanied with the fire view make this very desirable stove.

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Mendip Churchill 5 SE Convection

The Churchill 5 convection stove with gently curved side panels only increase this small stoves appeal. With the convection panels this stove can stand proud in an open plan area

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Mendip Churchill 10

The Churchill 10 wood burner has all the great aesthetics as the smaller models but packs a punch with its 10kW output. With its large curved glass door, this stove makes for captivating viewing when lit. This stove is now Ecodesign ready and adheres to all of the current specifications for the new Clean Air […]

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Churchill 8 SE

With its air cooled handle and built in convection top plate the Churchill 8 has all of the latest technologies incorporated. This matched with it’s modern curved glass and general aesthetic what is there not to love?

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Mendip Churchill 6 SE

The Churchill 6 has all of the amazing features of the Churchill stove but in a small package. This contemporary stove wouldn’t feel out of place in a traditional cottage or modern open plan studio.

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Mendip Churchill 5 SE

Small and sleek, the Churchill 5s’ curved glass allows to a fantastic fire view and it’s small stature mean that it can fit into an inglenook fireplace or stand alone in the room, it makes a bit impression.

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Mendip Loxton 10

The largest output stove in the Loxton range is the 10kW wood burner. This stove is impressive not only in size but also efficiency and quality.

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Mendip Loxton 8 SE

Incorporating the latest combustion technology means that the Loxton 8 is not only efficient but with the new cast iron door it brings a traditional feel to this modern stove.

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Mendip Loxton 6 Stove

The Loxton 6 with its clean lines and large glass area is a highly efficient and technical stove that doesn’t boast, its looks are clean and simple meaning that it can suit whatever room you decide to put it in be it contemporary or traditional you know you can rely on the Loxton to not […]

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Mendip Loxton 5 Stove

The Loxton 5 brings the best of the range into a simple package. Revamped for 2014 the Loxton 5 now features a full cast iron door in which sits a large glass pane, this accompanied and simple design compliments the highly efficient chamber and convenient output making it a perfect stove for almost any room. […]

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Mendip Loxton 3 Stove

The Loxton 3, smallest of the Loxton range is a perfect multi fuel stove perfect for smaller spaces but giving all the features of a larger more powerful stove, featuring all the same combustion techniques present in the rest of the Loxton range and all the same helpful design features.

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