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Merlin Stoves

Merlin Slimline Plus

Merlin Slimline Plus is larger than the original Merlin Slimline and has additional width space – Providing a clear and full view of the flames, that doesn’t compromise on technology or ease of use.

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Merlin ST-D

Stovetechs ST-D smallest stove still has plenty to offer compact and functional with the typical large unobstructed glass front, the stove offers intelligent heat with all the typical characterisics in design and concept expected within the Merlin range.

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Merlin ST-C

Stovetechs ST-C midline is built to perform,12 inch logs are no problem with plenty of depth in its spacious firebox, hours can be spent relaxing and enjoying the unobstructed view of the natural fire before refueling takes place, sophisticated yet simplistic. Extended burn time capability and clean consumption, past inspirations here today

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Merlin ST-B

Stovetech have manufactured the ST-B compact, not just for looks, this powerful stove delivers heat in minutes after lighting, built with all the latest technology, robust and durable yet simple and elegant in appearance. The Large stay clear glass window and high tech fire box allows you to stack the wood inside providing hours of […]

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Merlin ST-A

Stovetech have crafted the ST-A wide screen to create the right impression in any home, with its super huge glass window it not only offers everything in looks, it also works without the need to pamper, the super large fire box takes 24inch logs with minimal fuss allowing you to relax for hours and enjoy […]

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