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Parkray Stoves

Shake off the cold and relax in the welcoming warmth of a Parkray Stove. From slimline, space-conscious solutions, to more powerful stoves that are perfect for open-plan living, a Parkray stove can warm up any space.

Most of the stoves in the Parkray range are DEFRA approved to ensure they cover Smoke Control Area standards. With easy control and Tripleburn® technology for eco-friendly, efficient burning, you will find the Parkray range offers the ideal solution to heat your home.

The Aspect range features a large window so you can view the beauty of the flames in your stove. Combing looks, controllability and a very high efficiency, the Eco Aspect is the prefect addition to any home. This stove is Eco-Design approved and has a heat output of 4.9kW, no air brick is required.

Many of the Parkray Stoves are Clear Skies certified wood stoves certified at level 5 Clear Skies, the top eco-performance level in the UK.

As a Authorised Parkray Dealer we can provide you with an extended 10 Year warranty with your Parkray stove.

Parkray Aspect 7G Gas

The Parkray Aspect 7G conventional flue gas stove has an output of up to 4.4kW and comes with the aesthetic pleasure of a wood burner whilst delivering the convenience of a digital display remote control. The Aspect 7G combines contemporary looks with timeless aesthetics with advanced gas technology to create a sophisticated centrepiece. The choice […]

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Parkray Aspect 5

The Parkray Aspect 5 is highly controllable allowing you to alter the heat output between 4 and 7kW using the air controls discretely placed below the door. The Modern front of the stove provides a stylish frame around the living flame picture. This 4.9kW stove has a large portrait window giving a superb view of […]

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Parkray Consort 9

Forget DIY. The Consort 9 does it all: heats your home, runs your hot water, and toasts your crumpets. Despite its smaller stature it issues an amazing 9kW of heat, which is perfect for warming up family rooms. But that’s not all it does. The Consort 9 can burn wood, charcoal or sustainable fuels – […]

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Parkray Consort 7

The Consort 7, like other models in the range, has timeless appeal. But beneath those old-style looks lies a truly modern stove. The days of smoke-puffing chimneys and sooty windows are past: with the Consort 7, you can enjoy a good old wood fire without the harmful emissions or the elbow grease.

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Parkray Consort 9 Slimline

This slender model has a surprising capacity. Pack it with 20” logs, and enjoy a little longer between refuelling. Time for bed? Reduce the airflow and the flames die to a gentle flicker, maintaining gentle heat ‘til morning. Despite its compact footprint, the Consort 9 Slimline offers a powerful heat output. This multifuel model is […]

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Parkray Consort Inset 5

It’s up-to-date in every way. The latest technology is combined with an elegant inset shape that fits subtly into any room. If your fireplace is designed for an inset – or you prefer the modern look – this is the stove for you.

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Parkray Consort 5

Wood or charcoal? Green or blue? Minimalist or country? This stove is built to be styled by you, your way. Clean lines and modern technology come as standard. (This wouldn’t be a Parkray if it didn’t.) But you define the rest.

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Parkray Consort 4

Space may be tight, but there’s no need to compromise on your stove. This multi-fuel stove has a powerful presence. With an average of 4kW heat output, the Consort 4 outperforms many of its bigger competitors. And it’s not just big on heat: it’s big on features, too. After 20 years of making our acclaimed […]

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