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Westfire Stoves

When you think of Danish design and engineering, understatement comes to mind. Westfire Stoves capture this essence perfectly to manufacture wood-burning stoves with high quality craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail.

Simple cylindrical shapes and sleek insets work in traditional or modern interiors while pedestal and hearth stove designs stay minimal, with stunning accessories to enhance the look.

Westfire have future-proofed their technology to harness heat with a natural process. Using thermal energy and well managed wood, Westfire stoves perform with the utmost efficiency and create a warm glow for your home and for your conscience.

Must-have design: With Westfire’s characteristic clean lines the Uniq cylindrical stoves add a contemporary yet honest presence to your room – look out for Soapstone finishes, an innovative use of a traditional method for enhanced heat delivery

Westfire Uniq 35 Inset

With the fire chamber either at eye level or in place of your existing fireplace the Uniq 35 is a stunning addition to the Westfire range, it’s multi fuel capabilities make it a brilliant little stove.

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Westfire Uniq 35

The modern firebox. This small stove brings a new style of stove to the Westfire range, creating a more modern feel and with brilliant fire view, is there nothing this stove doesn’t have?

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Westfire Uniq 26 Soapstone

The Uniq 26 is made more desirable by the addition of a soapstone top plate. The fire view stands at eye level creating captivating viewing and a great feature for any home.

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Westfire Uniq 26

The Uniq 26 is perfect for modern life with an extra large glass area giving a stunning fire view, this accompanied with its efficiency and quality makes it a very desirable stove.

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Westfire Uniq 23 Inset

The Uniq 23 insets sleek and angular look makes it a must have feature in any modern home. Creating a window of fire, this wood burner allows for maximum viewing satisfaction from any angle.

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Westfire Uniq 23 Pedestal

The Pedestal 3 model is a shorter model with no extra log storage. The angular lines from the stove are emphasized by the mid-height pedestal making this one of the more modern pedestals in this range.

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Westfire Uniq 23

The Uniq 23 on 100mm block base adds a contemporary feel to this small stove. The base lifts it into your room and gives you a true open fire sensation.

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Westfire Uniq 21 Compact

Westfire’s Uniq 21 Compact is a brilliant contemporary wood burning stove, that’s as efficient as it can be. With its wide glass window you have an unimpeded and enchanting fire views at all times.

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Westfire Uniq 21 Pedestal

The Pedestal model of the Uniq 21 is a delightful edition to the range, the added height makes it easy to reload and the firebox sits at eye level, creating a captivating sight whilst the stove is lit.

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Westfire Uniq 21

The Uniq 21 Standard is a beautifully cylindrical stove that makes a perfect for a smaller room, due to its convenient size and maximum output of 5kW. The large glass door makes for perfect fire views at all times.

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Westfire Uniq 18

The Uniq 18 not only comes with a convenient log store for easy re-loading, and brings the fire to eye level for an enjoyable viewing experience. Cool to touch, this stove is perfect for open plan living.

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Westfire Uniq 17

The Uniq 17s sophisticated airwash system helps keep the panoramic glass clear and the air vents at the top ensure it distributes heat more evenly and stays cool to touch, making it perfect for open plan living.

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Westfire Uniq 15

The Uniq 15 with its large glass area and clean burn system with an exposed log store area for keeping your fuel handy. The fire burns at eye level making it a fantastic addition to any living area.

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