Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Wood Fired Hot Tubs



From the experts in wood burning stoves, you can now add a little luxury to your outdoor living space with a wood fired hot tub! Since we discovered these hot tubs we’ve been blown away not just by their stunning looks, but also by how practical and cost effective they are. Typically we expect the wood fired hot tub to heat up in little over an hour during the summer. It’s such a great option for impromptu use after you get home from work or when friends or family call round. Can you imagine waiting for around four hours for a traditional hot tub to heat up when you fancy a quick soak? The alternative requires you to keep it fed with electricity constantly to maintain the hot tub temperature, just in case – what a waste.

A wood fired hot tub can be a perfect addition to off grid situations such as glamping sites or the end of the garden, but with just a 3-pin plugs worth of electric providing bubbles and colour changing LED lights they really help boost bookings for holiday cottage lets and camp sites, quickly paying back your investment and giving your guests the wow factor that they will love to recall in their Trip Advisor or Airbnb reviews.


So, here’s the details you’ll want to know:

  • Hand crafted from quality components.
  • Choice of white or grey interior colours.
  • Choice of exterior colours.
  • Seat 5 to 6 people.
  • Internal wood fired 304 grade stainless steel boiler for compactness and efficiency.
  • Large firebox 55cm deep x 30cm wide x 26ch high for bigger logs.
  • Stainless steel sectional flue/chimney extending to 2.5 metres high.
  • Handmade fibreglass tub for ease of cleaning.
  • Quick drain tap for fast emptying.
  • Air bubble system (240v) – 12 Clean and low maintenance inlets.
  • Hydro jets – 8 massaging water pressure jets.
  • Mood lighting – LED changes colour gradually.
  • Cover, steps and drinks shelf included.
  • Heats up in as little as 1.5 hourS (Time varies depending on external temperature).
  • Temperature controlled via the wood stove.
  • Diameter approximately 2m.
  • Treated Norwegian Pine Timber Cladding.
  • Weight empty approximately 220kg.
  • 12 month warranty.


How Does a Wood Fired Hot Tub work?
Burning wood in the stove warms the water, which then flows upwards, pushing the cold water downwards, continuously circulating the water.

How quickly will my Wood Fired Hot Tub heat up to temperature?
Your wood fired hot tub should reach the recommended water temperature of 39°C within 1.5 hours in optimum weather conditions, making it much more economical than traditional electric options which can take up to 24 hours to heat to temperature.

What wood should I use?
Softwood kindling, firelighters and a long reach lighter are best to light the stove. Hardwood such as ash, oak or beech with less than 20% moisture should be used for optimum performance and minimal smoke. Approximately 10 quarter split 8—12” logs will be required to get the hot tub to temperature.

How do I clean and maintain my tub?
Once drained, the fibreglass liner is easily cleaned using a mild detergent,  soft cloth or soft bristled brush (ensure this is plastic as metal or wooden edges could scratch the fibreglass). Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly and your hot tub is ready to refill. The exterior wood should be treated yearly with a protective oil.

Do Wood fired hot tubs need chlorine?
To extend water usage past 3 or 4 days a treatment is required. Active Silver Oxygen from Clarion Spa is a popular option as it is much kinder to the tub, skin and environment than other water treatments such as chlorine or bromine.  Our partnership with Clarion Spa enables customers to receive a discount on Active Silver Oxygen water treatment.


We’d like to thank the lovely Freda at Glasfryn Snowdonia Accommodation for being the star of our main wood fired hot tub image. As one of our early customers, not only has she kindly allowed us to use photos from her gorgeous holiday rental, but her guests fantastic feedback and increased bookings have made her into our best sales people!

If you’re looking for tranquil holiday accommodation in North Wales or simply want to soak in a wood fired hot tub, we would urge you to seek out Glasfryn Snowdonia Accommodation on Facebook. You can also book online with Glasfryn Snowdonia Accommodation on airbnb – fantastic reviews and of course, everyone mentions the hot tub!